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Ironing Hacks You Can Try At Home That Will Amaze You

Here are some great ironing hacks that you will love: –

Wet clothes

Ironing will always be easier if our clothes are damp. If our iron does not have this option, we can spray the clothes with a spray with water beforehand.

Iron clothes backwards

When we iron our garments they are shiny, but this causes greater wear on the fabrics that will cause them to deteriorate much sooner. Do it from the back so it doesn’t happen .

A good board

That it can be handled and regulated, that it is light and that it takes up little space . The comforts before ironing are essential to carry out the task in the best way.

Stubborn wrinkles

On many occasions it is difficult for us to smooth a garment due to those wrinkles that resist. In that case we can put aluminum foil under the garment and a cloth moistened with water and ammonia on it.

Clothes, dry

But not much. Sometimes we hang the clothes and it stays there longer than necessary. This causes many more wrinkles to form and then it takes us longer to iron the clothes.

Always distilled water?

Well, it depends on the type of water that comes out of your tap. If it is hard (equal parts of tap and distilled water) your iron will suffer less, but if it exceeds it or is softer, we will have to equalize it. If it is harder you will need more tap water and, if it is softer, the opposite.


It is very likely that we have all burned a garment and we have not known how to react in time. What we must do is rub it with hydrogen peroxide or very salty water and dry it in the sun.

Hopefully these little tricks will help you to make ironing easier or fix an oversight that we have made. If you want, you can tell us your experience or contribute a new one on our social networks.

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