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Ideas For Organizing The Laundry And Ironing Room

Washing and ironing are some of the household chores that require the most time and effort. But surely they could  be more bearable  if we had a space in conditions , with  adapted furniture and its appropriate accessories . The key is in the correct organization of the space . The recommendations and ideas that you will find below are valid regardless of the space available in your home. As in the kitchen, a proper arrangement of the elements  is essential, and it will help you in your day to day. We can stand out various zones in this room:

Zone 1: intended for laundry; You will need one or more baskets to store and classify the clothes.

Zone 2: where you have the washer and dryer. It is advisable to put them close to facilitate the transfer of the garments. The detergents, fabric softeners and other products related to washing, practical but not very aesthetic and dangerous for children, is preferably be located in a closet hung above appliances.

Zone 3: dedicated to the storage of dry clothes, ready to be ironed.

Zone 4: where you place the ironing board and iron : favors the use of folding or convertible accessories that can “disappear” after use.

Zone 5: to store ironed clothes. You can use wicker baskets, for example, placed on top of some shelves, or hangers.

If you have little space to move , you can  use curtains on cabinets instead of doors. In addition, they will give a decorative touch to your room.

Here are some accessories suitable for your laundry space:

  1. Removable laundry basket
  2. Folding ironing table
  3. Folding laundry basket
  4. Wicker basket
  5. Removable hanger support
  6. Shelves
  7. Folding hanger support
  8. Support iron and ironing board
  9. Hanger bracket

And why not add a little color ? It doesn’t have to look like a hospital room, use soft colors, which are sure to cheer you up. And you? How do you have this area organized in your home?

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