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How To Fix The Glass In A Microwave

If the glass from the microwave door has come loose due to use, there is a solution that can be useful and save you money – especially since spare parts are usually quite expensive. In another article we talked about how to fix a broken freezer drawer or refrigerator, today it goes from the microwave.

Fix Broken Or Peeling Microwave Glass

Real case because it has happened to me, I do not say the brand of the mike for not advertising but it has turned out great – I have it for ten years with intensive use and it works like a charm – (to give some clue, the brand starts with W). Now, since they are years old, some “ailments” are coming out, for example the glass that goes on the door came off. It is also valid if the glass has been broken – but not in many pieces in this case you have no choice but to change the piece – but if the break is clean (in two parts for example), if you can glue it. In these cases, not just any glue.

Step 1: Because the glass is inside the microwave and is in contact with high temperatures.

Step 1: Because it must be a special glue, which is not toxic, since we introduce food into the micro. That is why you have to know what type of glues can be used and which ones are not. The suitable glues for high temperatures such as epoxy adhesives. These types of adhesives are so strong that they are even used to join helicopter blades. Among their properties are that they are very resistant to loads or pressures, they bear weight very well and are also resistant to high temperatures, physical agents, and humidity.

This is the one I used to fix the microwave glass – in my case it hadn’t broken but it did come off the door frame – it had to be fixed back to the frame.

The one above, the one I used, but since the photo has come out somewhat blurry – I did it quickly and with too much light -, I put another of the product where it is clearer. Notice how in the same photo they appear using the glue on the door of an oven.

It is easy to apply, following the instructions that come in the package. The price is not too expensive about € 6, although it does not have too much quantity, but it is certainly much cheaper than calling a technician or if for this reason you have to change the whole part.

This special high temperature Ceys glue resists shocks and vibrations (ideal for the micro), holds up to 275 kilograms, is very fast to stick in five minutes it has already been glued. It can be drilled, polished or painted after an hour.

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