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Cool Tips For Washing Your Clothes

The issue of hygiene and personal care is very delicate and no one likes to be criticized for not taking care of their appearance . The appearance and condition of the clothes we wear has a lot to do with this, and for it to be good we must bear in mind that each garment and each fabric requires a different wash , both in shape and time.

Each use is not a wash

Not always that you use a piece of clothing should you send it directly to the dirty clothes bin and, from there, to the washing machine. In fact, some clothes can take months of traveling between your closets and your body. Coats are a good example and washing them more than twice can damage them from products such as detergent or the simple use of the washing machine . No matter how good the fabric of the garment is, excessive washing will still harm it.

How often to wash pajamas?

Many times we can doubt about the frequency with which we should wash some clothes. The pajama is usually one because we use it every day. It is advisable to wash it every four days, even if it does not have stains or smells bad, since it has been in direct contact with the skin for many hours. The same is true for work clothes , which may be contaminated with bacteria or dust from excessive use, even though they are apparently not dirty. It goes without saying that the underwear has to be single-use and, from there, to the washing machine.

The most frequent, jeans and shirts

These garments are usually worn more frequently on a day-to-day basis, both at work and in everyday leisure. It is advisable to wash the jeans every three or four uses, do it on a cold program and let them dry naturally. Washing them too often can deteriorate them and also, as with other garments, storing them before they are completely dry. The shirts are a bit more delicate and it is advisable to wash them after two or three uses and, if they are used in summer, it will be normal to wash them after each use.

Time to order

Once we already know something more about how and, above all, how often to wash our clothes depending on the type of fabric and its uses, it is time to order them in our closets . The tall cabinets are a good solution to save space and be able to order our clothes properly. It is important that, on the wardrobe shelves, you place the heaviest clothes in the lower part and the lightest in the upper part so that they do not crush and wrinkle easily. If you have drawers, it is advisable to put the garments one after another from the front of the drawer to the bottom. In this way you will be able to visualize them all and thus it will make it easier for you to choose the one that best suits you at that moment without forgetting any of them.

The order of cleaning products is also important . There are cleaning cabinets to put accessories and have everything tidy before using the washing machine or any other appliance.

we have a wide variety of dressing room furniture and accessories such as trouser racks, hanger racks, removable baskets and shelves, drawer organizers, etc. A good opportunity to give your wardrobe a spin and make it easier to choose and order your clothes.

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