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Hello I’m Hannah Murray. I’m a multitasking multitalented mum, wife, businesswoman and socialite. I love to experience new things, places, food, discover new lifestyles, and experience things that might generate new life and excitement into my life.

About a year ago I became interested in the thought of writing a blog so I decided after a bit of procrastination, to start this blog. At the time of writing this about me page, what I plan to write about is just a concept, so things might change. Assuming my plans go to plan I will be discussing lifestyle issues. In fact, I want to talk about everything such as “how to fix lower back pain” or “how to unblock a blocked sink” or even broader topics such as “how to fit blinds” or “how to get rid of spots”. So, anything and everything.

I am starting this to be a hobby of course. It is my 1st blog, so I’ve got no wild ambitions to become a millionaire. However, given a bit of experience, who knows, maybe I will become a millionaire. If I do, I’ll be sure to write about it here on this blog.

In all seriousness though, I really hope you get inspired with what I write about as I publish more great content.

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